Earlier in September, Rochelle Community Hospital received a plaque from the American Hospital Association (AHA) to commemorate its 75th year as a member of its organization. In its commitment to being a member, RCH benefits from access to AHA’s resources, communications, and advocacy in the future of heath care with consideration specific to small and rural health care on a national level.

Recognized as the national advocate for hospitals, communities, and patients they serve, the AHA works with its members; state, regional, and metropolitan associations; and other organizations to shape and influence federal legislation and regulation to improve the ability of its members to deliver high-quality health care.

“This commitment [to keeping people healthy and caring for the sick and injured], which you display day in and day out, was recognized more than ever over the past three years during the historic COVID-19 pandemic – where you were always there, ready to care – and our field was proven to be the most trusted partners in serving patients and protecting communities.” wrote Natalie Rudd, MA, BSN, RN, AHA Regional Executive. RCH is proud of its accomplishments for the past 110 years, and looks forward to its continued success and stability with the help of Associations such as AHA.

Administration pictured with the awarded plaque (left to right): Denise Bauer, RN, Chief Human Resources Officer, Karen Tracy, RN, Chief Executive Officer, Kyle Auman, Chief Ancillary Officer, Rhonda Marks, RN, Chief Nursing Officer.