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RCH HealthWorks Fitness

Located in Suite 100 (1st floor) of the Health & Wellness Center, HealthWorks Fitness promotes the belief that a healthier lifestyle through exercise and education really does work! That’s why HealthWorks was created. It’s our goal to help satisfy the health and fitness needs of this community by maintaining clean fitness equipment in a healthy environment. Lockers are available too! Our Fitness Center is fully equipped to provide a well-rounded, safe workout that targets your wellness profile.

HealthWorks Fitness also houses Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation. This area includes a consultation room, rehab check-in area where patients can meet with Cardiopulmonary staff to get their vital readings and discuss rehabilitation.

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For more information, call 815-562-2730.

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• 3 Elliptical Steppers with heart rate monitor
• 3 Recumbent Bikes with heart rate monitor
• 6 Treadmills
• 4 NuSteps
• 3 Concept Rowing Machines
• Four station Precor Cable resistance machine
• 2 Arm Ergometers
• Free Weights – 1 lb. to 70 lbs.
• Kettlebells
• Resistance Tubes
• Medicine Balls
And more…

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Following are some common questions about Fitness Center membership and policies.

Do I have to sign a contract?
No contracts, but members are expected to pay membership fees on the 1st of the month they are due.

If I sign up in the middle of the month, does my membership apply to the following month?
It depends.  The month you sign up is the month your membership is applied if you sign up before the 15th of that month.  If you sign up on the 15th or after of the month, your membership will be charged to the next month.

Can I put a hold on my membership?
No holds on membership accounts unless there is a medical reason, or snow birding (3+ months).

If I only use the gym twice a month do I have to pay for that month?
Yes, members have unlimited access to the Fitness Center during operating hours; how frequently or infrequently you choose to come is up to you.

If my account is inactive for multiple months, do I have to make up the missed payments?
No, but if a member’s account remains inactive for three months, he/she must sign up again as a new member and is responsible for “new membership” fees.

When is membership due and how will I be notified?
Membership payments are due on the 1st of the month. Key fobs are set to expire on the 7th of the month and are not updated until after payment is received. Card reminders are mailed out every month as a courtesy reminder.

Will there be a special discount in summer months?
Yes! For current members ONLY. The discounted pricing is as follows:

Standard membership (64 and under): $50 total for 3-month (June, July, August) gym membership.
Senior membership (65+): $35 total for 3-month (June, July, August) gym membership.