RCH Association

On February 26, 1965, the Rochelle Community Hospital Association was formed by 33 passionate citizens all dedicated to the common purpose of ensuring the successful growth and operation of Rochelle Community Hospital. On May 1st of that same year, the City of Rochelle officially sold the hospital to the Association for $1, placing the reins of hospital management into the hands of its citizens.

With hospital expansion and improvements needed immediately, the community came together with an outpouring of generosity, raising $1,250,000 for hospital growth! Since then, the entire Rochelle community has focused its talents and resources on seeing it grow to become one of the leading rural community hospitals in the nation! And Rochelle Community Hospital has continued to grow with a new renovation/expansion and state-of-the-art technology. Become a member of the RCH Association and join a legacy of support that allows us to offer superior care to you and your family.