Congratulations to Carol Lapinski who is our High Performer for July! Carol is a Registered Nurse in our Surgery Department and has 21 years of service at RCH.

She has two nominations: “I am nominating Carol Lapinski as a high performer. She excels in providing the best possible care for surgical patients and the surgical team. She displays professionalism in all situations. Carol inspires the surgical team to be their best everyday. She leads by example. Carol also has the best interest in mind for her patients as she cares for them and their families intraoperatively. She shows dedication to her team, services, and extreme work ethic. Her years of experience are invaluable. We are lucky to have her be part of our team!”

“I am nominating Carol Lapinski OR RN for being a high performer at RCH. Being the newest member of the RCH surgical team, I have spent the last several months having Carol as a preceptor, mentor, coworker and friend. What I have seen from Carol during the last six months is someone who is dedicated and detail oriented. She is dedicated to her patients, to her physicians, to her co-workers, and to this hospital. She takes her work commitments very seriously. She is responsible for so many of the behind the scenes details that happen to make the experience the best for each and every patient and physician that visits. I would consider Carol “the face” of the Operating Room here at Rochelle. The surgeons, anesthesiologists, product representatives, team members from other hospital departments, her co-workers, and her patients all recognize her and look to her for guidance in the OR. Carol’s ‘working hours’ extend way beyond a 6am-2:30 pm shift. Carol has called us at work on her days off to let us know important information about the day’s events, and she is always available to us by phone for all of our burning questions. Carol wears many hats in the operating room and her level of expertise is unmatched. I would like to see Carol recognized for all the work she does on a daily basis here in the Operating Room for her coworkers and her patients.”