Congratulations to Michelle Becerra who is our High Performer for February! Michelle is a Screening Aide at our west entrance and has one year of service at RCH.

Her nomination reads, “I would like to nominate Michelle Becerra our 3rd Street Screener for High Performer of the month. Michelle is the perfect example of what our culture means in taking care of the patients. She is always aware of patients entering the hospital and even steps out to meet them at the car if they need extra help. She is very thorough in screening patients and makes sure that everyone knows where they need to go. Michelle has agreed to help me on extra projects without hesitation. She is a great first impression for anyone walking in that entrance and I know that she is very reactive to any emergency situations she may face.

Her manager Sue July adds – I love listening to the way she interacts with our patients as they come through the doors. When we are very busy, she walks every patient to one of the patient registrars to be certain that someone is available to take care of them, and if they are all busy, she will ask if I can assist getting the patient registered. She is always professional and compassionate, and an excellent example of the culture here at RCH. Even though Michelle is new, she has already made a big impact here at RCH! We are lucky to have her as part of the RCH team.”