Congratulations Aubrielle Lodico! 

Congratulations to Aubrielle Lodico who is the RCH High Performer for October! Aubrielle works as a Unit Clerk on our Medical/Surgical floor. She has two years of service at RCH.

“Aubrielle is a great asset to Rochelle Hospital for great patient care and customer service. Whether its talking to her on the phone or seeing her in person, Aubrielle has a smile on her face, positive attitude and is very polite.

She goes above and beyond to make sure the patients have everything they need. Every room she enters she has a smile on her face and a great attitude. She makes sure their food is cut up, lids are removed from cups and bowls, she even gives them a towel so they don’t spill on themselves. Aubrielle will get patients water if they ask and makes sure they are comfortable before she leaves. Thank you Aubrielle!”