Congratulations to the Respiratory Therapy Department who were recognized as the High Performers this month. There is a combined total of 68 years of dedicated service.

“I would like to nominate the 12 dedicated members of our Respiratory Therapy team. Although they just officially joined RCH, their hard work has been instrumental to the overall care for our patients. Especially now during COVID, they have been the quiet, unsung heroes. They go above and beyond what they need to do, responding to codes, saving lives, all under the radar and they need to be recognized.

The importance of these uniquely trained clinicians, who evaluate and manage the respiratory needs of patients at RCH is appreciated. Through the pandemic they have been forced to learn multiple different pieces of equipment as it becomes available in order to be prepared for whatever comes their way. The healthcare team looks to them for their professional opinions in the vital care of patients. We are so lucky to have them all here at RCH. Some may work at other hospital as well but they bring their wealth of knowledge and care with them every day to care for all their patients.”

Pictured, left to right are these Respiratory Therapists:  Jody Schoeny, Marcy Cline, Jacqui Bogle, Cardiopulmonary Manager and Paula Groves. Other members of the team include: Penny Capesius, Tanisha Foreman, Debra Gorski, Estela Mandujano, Shilpa Patel, Dana Schmidt, David Widener and Kim VanBuskirk.