Are you ready to eat your way happy?

Here are a few rules to feeding a good mood!

Got Dark Chocolate?
Many of us run for chocolate when we are stressed or feeling down. The flavor makes us happy while we’re eating it, but it has no long-lasting effects. Not only do we get progressively less pleasure from each bite, comforting ourselves with chocolate is actually more likely to prolong an unhappy mood. So, whenever you get a craving, practice savoring that small piece to extend your enjoyment. To make an even healthier choice, reach for a small piece of dark chocolate. DOVE®Dark Chocolate individual squares are the perfect size for savoring!

Got Whole Wheat Bread?
Whenever you feel like you need a quick boost, reach for a complex carb. Carbohydrates supply the brain with quick energy, and research shows they may boost both mood and performance when you’re under stress. These types of food are whole grain, not to be confused with multi-grain.

Got Breakfast? 
Eating breakfast can lift both mood and energy. If you skip your breakfast, there’s nothing you can do to boost your mood later in the day. A cup of coffee is not considered breakfast. Your breakfast should be mostly complex carbs with a bit of protein. Good choices include: whole-grain cereal with low-fat milk and berries, whole-wheat toast with peanut butter and apple slices, and yogurt with fresh fruit and whole-grain granola.

Got Fish? 
Fish doesn’t just improve your mood, it helps your entire mind work better! Fish contains DHA and EPA, omega-3 fatty acids. They are essential building blocks of the brain and nervous system. You should try to have at least three servings of fish a week – such as salmon, sardines or anchovies – in order to get all the nutrients that fish offers. But if you’re worried about mercury or just don’t like the taste of fish, studies have shown that supplements can work just as well. Consider taking a 1,000 mg supplement daily.