Congratulations to Schylar Peppers who has been recognized as the High Performer for April! Schylar is the Materials Management Assistant and has four years of service at RCH.

She has three nominations:

“Skylar was hit with the brunt of the unexpected capital purchases throughout the hospital that were approved for immediate purchase this February. All items were on a tight timeline to make sure they could arrive by the end of the fiscal year. She had to organize all the quotes, get PO’s cut and signed, and get all the paperwork to the department managers for purchase. She went above and beyond her normal duties to make sure that this happened in a timely manner. She was endlessly patient and cheerful despite the added workload. We could not have done it without her help and hard work. Way to step up and get the job done, Schylar!”

“Skylar has done an amazing job in Eric’s absence. She gets back to you quickly with answers. She figures it out if she doesn’t know the answer or how to do something right away. She has taken on a lot of extra responsibility and has proven herself to be a leader. And she has remained positive throughout it all. I completely agree with Karen that we could not have kept going without her.”

“Due to another unexpected absence in the department in February, she has jumped in and worked extra hours and had to tackle several tasks that she doesn’t normally do. She figured out on her own how to input capital purchase orders into Meditech and had to enter at least ten capital items over the course of a week. She kept the quotes and the purchase orders very well organized. She has also worked to get new vendors set up and get items ordered that were no longer available from our previous vendor. She also created an excel spreadsheet to track our PPE counts and performed the counts that the manager normally does so we could report the numbers weekly. She has gone above and beyond her normal duties to make sure everyone has what they need and has been very helpful when I have had questions. We definitely could not have gotten through this time without her! Thank you Schylar!”