Congratulations to Juanita Salgado who has been recognized as the High Performer for June! Juanita is an Environmental Services Associate and has nine years of service at RCH.

Her nomination reads:

“Juanita has shared with me many times she loves coming to work here at RCH because she loves the people and enjoys helping her community. She is always there to help a co-worker, staff member or community member without even being asked. She has been sought out when there has been a need to help bridge a communication gap with a patient or customer which allows RCH to give the best care and information to our patient and customers. Staff members share with me how helpful she is when filling this role. Juanita is a giver of her time both inside and outside the hospital walls. Always willing to help cover hours when the need is there. After her shift, her giving doesn’t end because she also brings many community members to their medical appointments. Juanita carries a special energy about her that is very calming, her smile and laugh are infectious, she brings joy and positivity throughout the hallways of the hospital, she enjoys cleaning patient rooms because she loves connecting with the patients and making their days brighter. Juanita is resilient. She continues to bring and give her best even when times are difficult. A giver is someone who helps others without any expectation of returns and it is accompanied by compassion, caring and love, that is Juanita.”