Congratulations to Tina Neale, RN who is our High Performer for March! Tina is a Registered Nurse on the Medical/Surgical floor and has seven years of service at RCH.

Her nomination reads, “I would like to nominate Tina Neale for High Performer of the Month for the compassionate, knowledgeable, and accurate care that she providers to her patients as well as being a team player with her peers. Tina has been at RCH since 2015. She started out as a C.N.A. and in 2020 she became a nurse. It was a no brainer to hire Tina on as a nurse. Her transition from C.N.A. to R.N. has been seamless and you would never know that she has not been a nurse for very long. Tina soaks in all the knowledge that she can from her peers and from providers when they take the time to educate her and puts that knowledge to work every day while caring for patients. She does not shy away from challenging assignments and handles them with the utmost professionalism and leadership. Tina comes to the table with solutions when she finds opportunities whether it is patient related or employee related. She is very caring and compassionate with her patients and advocates for them and for staff. Tina has a very positive attitude and encourages others to have a positive attitude as well. Even during the busiest of times, Tina can be found helping her co-workers in any way that she can. During rounds with patients, I am constantly hearing patients recognize Tina and the excellent care that she has given to them throughout their stay. Patients and family members have even reached out after they have been discharged to let us know the positive impact Tina had on them while they were in the hospital. Tina is definitely an asset to RCH and we are lucky to have her on our team.”