Sandy Cummings, RN, (center) is congratulated by Gregg Olson, Chief Executive Officer
and Crystal Vondergathen, RN,
Manager of Inpatient Services.

Rochelle Community Hospital has named Sandy Cummings, RN as its’ 2021 High Performer of the Year. Sandy was selected among the 12 High Performers of the Month in 2021. She has been employed at the hospital for six years as a House Supervisor.

Sandy was nominated in September 2021: “Sandy is currently a Nursing House Supervisor on night shift but you have probably seen her a lot on day shift recently too.  Sandy has been going above and beyond in her House Supervision role from day one.  She is the easiest person to work with as far as the schedule goes.  She is always thinking and figuring out ways to cover all of the open shifts, trying desperately to not have the managers come in extra and often rearranging her own personal schedule to cover shifts.  Sandy recently called me after learning that I was covering an unexpected HS shift and planned to come in early for her night shift without being asked.  Sandy is a 0.3 FTE but for the last several months has been working 6-8 twelve hour shifts on both day shift and night shift to cover openings in House Supervision as well as Emergency.  She is the most laid back, easy going person to work with and this is what makes her a great House Supervisor.  No matter the number of patients we have or the number of staff we don’t have, Sandy can deal with it.  She jumps right in and helps wherever and whenever she is needed and always keeps a smile on her face.  She truly takes ownership in her role as well as the hospital.  I can’t tell you the number of times that Sandy has called me with a concern but already has the solution and has followed through with that solution and has everything under control.  Sandy always keeps me informed of situations, good or bad, so that I can be prepared if needed.  She is an advocate for patients as well as employees.  She truly cares for our employees and is always willing to share her many years of experience and knowledge with staff, helping them to give the very best patient care.  Sandy is always looking ahead to other days to ensure that her fellow House Supervisors have the staff they need and are aware of any potential issues that may come up.  Recently, Sandy was training a new House Supervisor.  When Sandy found out that this new HS was going to be scheduled on a day that we would have several surgery cases, Sandy called her to let her know what the process was for this so that she could be prepared for that day.  Sandy was a great preceptor for her and made sure that she was able to spend time with everyone that she needed to in order to learn the many roles of the House Supervisor position.  It has been a challenging year for us all and I know that I and this hospital could not have gotten through it without Sandy’s knowledge, leadership and dedication.  We are truly lucky to have her on our team!”