Our Positively Recognized program came to a close for 2023 with our PR of the year: Deb Whitman, Environmental Services Manager!

Our Positively Recognized program encouraged RCH employees to recognize and nominate co-workers when they go above and beyond in any of the following areas of our Dare to Soar Values:

Commitment, Project Professionalism, Respectful Communication, Personal Ownership, and Excellence. As the year 2023 wrapped, we chose one last recipient to be determined Positively Recognized for 2023. Deb’s Nomination reads:

“Deb has been going above and beyond to ensure that we get back all of our specialty items from the laundry service, from taking pictures of items before they are sent out, keeping logs of items coming and going, following up when items are not returned or are damaged and so much more that I’m sure we don’t even know she does. She spends so much time tracking down items to be sure that we get them back and in good condition and we appreciate that so much. She has also been working with my team to provide better soap options to our patients. She is bringing in new items for us to trial and is working to get the best product for us. Any time my team has a concern about a product, Deb is on it, researching and getting new samples in for us to try. She truly wants our patients and staff to have the best experience while they are here and works extremely hard to ensure that we have everything we need. We are so appreciative of all of her hard work!” – Crystal Vondergathen, Med/Surg/ICU Manager