Congratulations to Linda Daub who is our High Performer for December! Linda is the Multi-Specialty Clinic Receptionist and has 43 years of service at RCH.

Her nomination reads, “I would like to nominate Linda Daub. Linda exemplifies an outstanding employee. For example, she is ALWAYS so pleasant-with staff and patients. Linda knows so many people in the community, she goes out of her way for anyone and everyone especially our patients. She truly has a heart of gold. Such a caring and loving person and I am so glad and proud to work with her in the Multi-Specialty Clinic. Example of what I saw today– patient was in wheelchair brought in by her daughter. It was pouring rain outside so I suggested just waiting for rain to stop.  Linda went a step further and suggested her daughter drive to the main hospital entrance where there is the canopy and that way the patient wouldn’t get wet. Linda wheeled the patient to the main entrance while her daughter was getting the car. Linda went out of her way to make the patient’s visit at the clinic more pleasant.  This is Linda.  These are just a few examples of why I think Linda should get Employee of the Month.“