“Dr. Popp should be recognized as an RCH High Performer.  He has worked tirelessly the last two years to educate the staff and community about COVID, all while continuing his regular duties as a busy inpatient and outpatient physician.  He has been the medical staff leader as well, taking it into his own hands to create a Meditech (and then Epic) order set for COVID hospitalizations for all to use. He spent many nights educating himself on all aspects of COVID and then sharing the knowledge with the rest of the medical staff, helping everyone keep up on the rapidly changing science.  He is the administration’s go-to physician when they need a leader – for community education, public speaking, press releases and now as the Epic Provider Super-User.  His unwavering dedication to the patients and hospital has been an inspiration for us all to do better.  Rochelle Community Hospital has been lucky to have him navigate and guide us through these difficult last 2 years.  Thank you Dr. Popp for all you have done to take care of patients and to help the hospital respond to the worst public health crisis in over 100 years.”