3D Mammograms

‘GENIUS’ Technology to Detect and Help Conquer Disease

Rochelle Community Hospital now offers the Genius™ 3DMAMMOGRAPHY™ exam, which reduces unnecessary callbacks by up to 40% and detects 41% more invasive breast cancers! Plus, it can detect cancer 15 months earlier than 2D mammography alone… even before you can feel it during a self-exam!  

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Since early detection is key to a more positive outcome, this 3D screening is more likely to get it right the first time… and that’s why it’s called Genius™! These exams utilize advanced breast tomosynthesis technology and are clinically proven to significantly increase the detection of breast cancers, while simultaneously decreasing the number of women asked to return for additional testing.

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In conventional 2D mammography, overlapping tissue is often the reason why small breast cancers may be missed and normal tissue may appear abnormal… but a Genius™ exam includes a 3D method of imaging that can greatly reduce the tissue’s overlap effect. In fact, the Genius™ exam actually includes both the 2D images and the tomosynthesis, for more comprehensive results and more accurate1 breast cancer screening.

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During the dimensional (tomosynthesis) part of the exam, an X-ray arm sweeps in a slight arc over the breast, taking multiple images. A computer then converts these images into a stack of thin layers, allowing the radiologist to review the breast tissue one layer at a time. A Genius™ exam requires no additional compression and takes only a few seconds longer than a conventional 2D breast cancer screening exam.

*The state of Illinois has mandated that insurance companies must pay for one screening 3D mammogram a year but please check your insurance plan if you have any coverage questions.

Compared to 2D mammography alone.

The Genius™ 3DMAMMOGRAPHY™ exam is available only on the Hologenic Selenis® Dimensions® system. It is the first FDA-approved breast tomosynthesis system in the United States.

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The only clinically superior breast tomosynthesis system approved by the FDA, the Hologic system2 is recommended for women of all ages and breast densities. It allows our radiologists to more effectively pinpoint the size, shape, and location of abnormalities, leading to better detection and greater peace of mind for our patients.

The breast is composed of different structures located at different heights within the breast. These can overlap and cause confusion when viewed as a flat 2D image. This confusion can mean that a small breast cancer may be missed and normal tissue may appear abnormal. Using this technology, the Hologic system creates 3D images of the breast structure, which enables radiologists to more clearly see through overlapping tissue – eliminating the confusion – to detect cancers, often at an earlier stage.