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Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac Rehabilitation

At Rochelle Community Hospital, we can help you strengthen your heart so you can live life more fully and actively. When you are referred to us, you are no longer a patient, but an active partner in managing your heart health issues. Our Cardiac Rehabilitation program focuses on education, exercise and nutrition - all with your specific needs in mind. We will assist you in creating a program that promotes positive lifestyle changes, improves your heart health and reduces your risk of future heart problems.


Monday, Wednesday & Friday:
6:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon

What You Expect from the Cardiac Rehab Program

Your Cardiac Rehab Team

We have an exercise physiologist and registered nurses highly trained in Cardiac Rehab that will assist you in creating your program. Our team is known throughout the community for their warmth and compassion with patients and their families.

Does Insurance Cover Cardiac Rehab?

Cardiac Rehabilitation may be paid partially or completely by your private insurance plan or Medicare. Most plans cover 80 percent, but we will determine this for you prior to starting the program.

Schedule Your Cardiac Rehab Session

For an appointment, call 815-562-2181, ext. 2730. Each individual visit lasts approximately one hour. You must have a doctor referral before starting this program.