Hospitalist Program

Rochelle Community Hospital places an emphasis on ensuring we have quality providers for patients in the hospital. Our Hospitalists are trained in internal medicine and are dedicated entirely to the care of hospitalized patients. Because Hospitalists do not have clinics, they are located in the hospital throughout the day and available 24 hours per day. The partnership enables the hospital to enhance its existing focus on the overall quality of care patients receive. 

What is a Hospitalist? vertical grey line horizontal grey line

Hospitalists help to assure continuity of care. They can readily check on patients, order and monitor tests and assure that patients’ needs are met. The on-site hospitalist also helps coordinate all aspects of a patient’s stay to assure safety and specialized care by meeting with family members, answering questions and communicating with any medical staff involved in the care.

Do the Hospitalists work for the Hospital?

These doctors are not hospital employees. You will receive separate bills from the hospital and the Hospitalists just as you would with any other doctor.

What if you don’t have a regular doctor? vertical grey line horizontal grey line

If you don’t have a regular doctor, we will work with you and the hospital staff to find you a suitable medical provider for follow-up from the hospital. The information about your hospitalization will be sent to that provider when you are discharged so that they will know your medical situation and any needs that you may have.