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When you need surgery, there’s two things that usually top the list when looking where to go: a top-notch surgical team and being close to home. At Rochelle Community Hospital, our outstanding surgical team performs nearly 900 outpatient, inpatient and emergency surgical services a year, right here in Rochelle. We have a general surgeon on staff at all times, as well as several specialists, including Orthopedic, Podiatry and Pain Management.

If a hospital stay is needed to help your recovery, our friendly nurses will encourage you along, and your family can visit you without the hassle of traveling to a larger city. That's a definite bonus when you want loved ones nearby.

Common Inpatient Surgeries Performed at RCH

Common Outpatient & Minimally Invasive Procedures Available

How to Prepare for Surgery at RCH

Surgical operation room at Rochelle Community Hospital

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You may schedule your surgery consultation by calling 815-562-2181, ext. 1440. We must have your doctor’s order on file before a consult may be scheduled.