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July High Performer is Stephony Johnson, CMA

Congratulations to Stephony Johnson who is our High Performer for July! Stephony is a Certified Medical Assistant in the Family Healthcare Clinic. She has been employed at RCH for 1 1/2 years.

"Stephony started with us a year ago in a newly developed role in FHC. While we had an idea how this role would look, we relied heavily on Stephony to build it. We gave her a challenge and she ran with it, and in doing so she has become a true asset to Family Healthcare Clinic.

Stephony is a problem-solver. When she sees something that is not working well, she has a knack for process improvement. She works very well independently and digs in without hesitation until she finds a solution to the problem. Whether it is developing a new form, getting a prior authorization managed or figuring out how do something in our EMR, Stephony is a great resource for our staff.

In the role she is in, Stephony is asked to juggle a variety of responsibilities. She has been a true champ over the past several months as we have asked her to switch gears at the drop of a hat to help manage some staffing challenges. She has never complained when I have asked her to abruptly go cover a nurse who is ill, head out to Occupational Health to fill in there, work on her afternoon off or take on a new responsibility. Every time I ask her to change directions, she agrees with a smile on her face or in her voice.

Stephony has a great attitude and energy. She is always positive and her laughter can be heard from anywhere. Patients are often commenting on how much they like her, and when I hear her interact with them I understand why. She is caring and compassionate and treats patients with respect and kindness. She also readily participates with “event planning” in FHC and helped create our Pirate Ship Theme for Halloween.

Stephony is a trusted member of the FHC Team and I know I can rely on her for anything I need in the clinic. She is a hard worker, great teammate, common sense thinker and very deserving of being recognized as the RCH Employee of the Month.”


Janet Stewart

RCH Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator