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Kelly Musselman Named High Performer for May

Congratulations to Kelly Musselman, RN, who has been named the High Performer for the month of May! Kelly has been employed as a nurse at RCH for 11 years. She has two nominations:

“In addition to performing her job at an exemplary level, Kelly demonstrates an extraordinary commitment to RCH and the community.

Kelly takes it upon herself to provide exceptional support to her co-workers, patients and their families. She recognizes quickly their needs and moves efficiently to get it for them. Kelly is a preceptor and mentor for new nurses, taking them under her wing and making sure they have the best experience and guidance. Kelly has the ability to recognize strengths and weaknesses in new employees and helps them become stronger and more knowledgeable nurses.

Kelly is well known in the community so often times patients know her when they come in and are more than pleased to see her. She brings a smile to their face even when they are not feeling well. Even if Kelly is not the nurse caring for that patient, she will often stop in to say hi and reassure them that they are getting the best care at RCH. Kelly is consistently being recognized by her patients and their families for the exceptional care she gives each and every day. You can definitely tell that she has touched and enriched their lives by the comments they give.

As House Supervisor, Kelly demonstrates leadership throughout the organization and has gained the respect of all those that she supervises. Kelly remains positive, unflustered, and resourceful during high stress situations. She is the calm in the storm and is able to give her team the support they need to provide the best outcome possible.

Kelly is an ambassador of RCH and goes above and beyond no matter the role she is in. Whether she is the nurse on Med/Surg, the nurse in Emergency, or the House Supervisor, Kelly makes a difference in the care and support she gives to her patients and her co-workers. For these reasons, I believe Kelly Musselman is an ideal candidate for High Performer of the Month.”

“I have experienced Kelly now in both the Emergency and the second floor. Kelly is respectful, caring and immeasurably compassionate. Kelly took the extra time to listen and provide kind and encouraging words…and, she has a smile that goes on for days. She is very deserving of this award.”




Janet Stewart

RCH Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator