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Ross Pullom Named High Performer for October

Congratulations to Ross Pullom who is our High Performer for the month of October. Ross is the Food and Nutrition Manager and has been at RCH for a little over a year.

Two nominations:

“Ross has been at RCHA for 16 months and is very much appreciated for all of his hard work in the Dietary department.

He goes above and beyond his duties and has very much improved the morale of the dietary department since he has been here. He enjoys working with his employees and training them on their different tasks and helping them to grow. Ross works incredible hours. It’s nothing for Ross to work a 12 hour day when needed for a board meeting or just to help cover for an employee. Speaking of meetings etc…..he is a chef! The food he cooks is unbelievable. The food in the cafeteria is delicious because Ross cares enough and works closely with the employees to prepare the most incredible morsels! The food produced out of our Dietary department is the talk of the town. There are regulars that look at our cafeteria as a high class restaurant. The patient satisfaction results have sky rocketed since Ross arrived. Ross put room service into effect here at the hospital and it has been a huge success. Ross has been known to deliver colonoscopy food kits (jello and broth) to employees that are going to undergo the dreaded procedure the next morning. To sum it up, there is not much that Ross says no to. He is always there to help and get the task done in an excellent manner. We appreciate Ross and we thank him very much for working at our hospital!”

“Ross is so easy to work with when planning meetings and events. Ross always wants to make sure that the food is tasty at the same time, providing a nice presentation. Ross is always looking for new ways to improve and expand food choices for the patients, staff and the public. Thank you Ross for all you do! “




Janet Stewart

RCH Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator