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Joe Wasniak Named High Performer for July

Congratulations to Joe Wasniak who was recognized as the July High Performer! Joe is a Security Site Supervisor for Per Mar and has been working at RCH for six month. He received two nominations:

“We frequently receive positive feedback from many hospital employees about what a great job Joe does for us. The good service of night-shift staff often goes unnoticed so I feel it is important to take opportunities such as this to call out his service. He is very proactive from the time he starts his shift. He regularly rounds throughout the hospital and checks in to see if the staff need anything. He can sense when a patient or family may be escalating so he stays in the area to be helpful and supportive. He makes staff feel safe. When he is dealing with a difficult patient he uses therapeutic communication skills and compassion to deescalate behavior and is calm and reassuring. Joe is an excellent fit with the culture at RCH because he truly cares about others and strives to meet the needs of staff, patients and family. I feel we are fortunate to have Joe on our team.”

“Whenever there is a difficult patient Joe knows exactly what to do. He stays close by, listens, and intervenes when necessary. He anticipates when patients are going to become more difficult and helps to deescalate the situation. Joe often introduces himself to patients and talks to them and helps make them feel more secure as well. Joe is always alert to his surroundings and always on the lookout to keep our staff safe. Every time I ask for feedback regarding our security staff Joe’s name comes up over and over again as being the best and always being there when staff need him.”


Janet Stewart

RCH Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator