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Crystal Carswell Named June High Perfomer

Congratulations to Crystal Carswell who is our High Performer for the month of June! Crystal is a Certified Nursing Assistant on our Medical/Surgical floor and has been at RCH for two years.

Two nominations read:  “Crystal is extremely hard working.  She is always first to jump up when she hears a call light or alarm sound.  No matter our census she stays busy and gets her work done and is always willing to help her co-workers.  She often offers to come in and help on her days off when she knows that there are staffing challenges or high census.  Crystal takes excellent care of her patients and has been recognized by her patients for this.  She is willing to take whatever time is needed with her patients to ensure that all of their care is complete and they have what they need.  Crystal has been recognized by several nurses for the excellent care that she gives and for her positive attitude.  Crystal always has a smile on her face and remains positive even during busy times.  We are lucky to have Crystal on our team. “ 

“Crystal is always positive on the unit.  When I am rounding I often witness her kind and compassionate interaction with patients.  She answers call-lights as soon as they come on and she asks patients if there is anything else she can help them with before exiting the room.  Last week I was rounding and a patient needed to go to the bathroom.  The patient was very frail and very short-of-breath.  Crystal helped me walk this patient to the bathroom and get her on the toilet.  All the while, Crystal was gentle and caring.  She stays very calm even during high-census times.  She always makes a point of greeting me and asking how things are going.  She is a very genuine, humble person.   I feel she has been a terrific hire and we are fortunate to have her here at RCH.“



Janet Stewart

RCH Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator