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Erin Metzger Named High Performer for April

Congratulations to Erin Metzger who has been named our High Performer for the month of April! Erin is a Registered Nurse who works in the Family Healthcare Clinic. She has been employed by Rochelle Community Hospital for three years.

There were three nominations:  “Erin is a friendly face in the Family Healthcare Clinic. Patients always look forward to seeing her because she is always smiling and they know she will listen. She makes the patients feel that they are the most important person. She takes an excellent history, so when I see the patient, I have a great background to make the visit move smoothly. Patients often comment on what a great team we make. Erin will come in early or stay late. I know a lot of people will do this, but Erin will call patients we are concerned about to follow up on out of the ordinary situations as well. For example, a patient’s sister passed away, and this patient is emotionally fragile. Erin called the patient to see how she was dealing with the grief and see if she needed to schedule an appointment to see me. This is above and beyond, but shows how she truly knows our patients.

When we receive a medication denial, Erin will look to find what alternatives are covered and bring those to me to see if those are acceptable alternatives so the patient does not have to pay a large co-pay. Erin takes initiative. I don’t have to give her the same direction over and over. She works in sync with me. For example, she anticipates what is required for procedures and has it ready.

She will volunteer to cover for other providers’ nursing staff or front desk when staffing is needed. She has a positive attitude and works to have a fun, but professional, environment. She reads people well and is the first to be there to offer a cup of coffee, a tissue, a cough drop, a TUMS, or a Tylenol if that’s what is needed! She will do little things to make all feel special and included. I know when it comes to patient satisfaction; I receive a lot of the credit. But truly, it is Erin that deserves the credit because she is the one that does all the background work so that I can do my part.”

“Erin is the team player that anybody would wish for. Erin has been my go-to person for any questions about the clinical side of our EMR, as well as nursing processes within the clinic.  When we recently added a new provider at FHC, Erin stepped in to be available to them and answer any questions they had about the computer system and the clinic.  She has continued to reach out to them and help them however she can. Any time I have asked Erin to help with coverage in the clinic, she has not hesitated to say “yes”. She helps even when her own workload is demanding. She is trusted and respected throughout FHC.  She advocates for her co-workers, and is ready and willing to help them whenever needed. Erin’s positive energy is such a motivator.  She keeps a smile on her face, and her laughter is heard throughout the day.  She is level-headed and has great instincts.  Her care for her patients and team mates is obvious.  She takes great care to listen to her patients and educate them on their healthcare, and is very patient and compassionate, paying attention to the personal side of healthcare. Our patient satisfaction surveys show that Erin is very appreciated by her patients, as well.  There are often comments about how kind she is, and trusted by her patients. We are extremely fortunate to have Erin here at FHC! “

“Erin is my nurse, Stephanie my provider.  She is excellent at her job, gives great patient care, and always goes above and beyond to get me what I need, get scripts called in, get messages to Stephanie, etc.“



Janet Stewart

RCH Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator