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Heart Calcium Scoring

Heart Calcium Scoring

A Few Minutes Could Save Your Life!

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Rochelle Community Hospital offers Heart Calcium Scoring – a painless, fast procedure (about 15 minutes) that helps assess your risk for heart disease. A Heart Score™ test is a special CT scan that takes images of the heart at very fast rates. This allows us to detect any calcium in the heart, which is a common component in the buildup of plaque inside blood vessels. Knowing your Heart Score will help your physician monitor calcium build-up over time, reduce the need for other more expensive and invasive tests, and give you peace of mind should you have higher risk factors for developing heart disease.

Who Should Have a Heart Score Test

photo of heart images received from a Heart Score Test

Men ages 45-70 and women ages 55-70, or those with any of the following risk factors, should consider a Heart Score test:

Pregnant women, people with known coronary artery disease or those who have had a coronary bypass procedure, and people with resting heart rates greater than 90-95 beats per minute SHOULD NOT undergo a Heart Score test.

What to Expect During a Heart Score Test

Heart Score tests have no shots, treadmills or dyes involved. Prior to the test, you may be asked to put on a gown. A technologist will place small monitoring patches (electrodes) on your chest so we can match our scanner to your heartbeat. You will be in the scan room for about five minutes, with the scan itself taking just a few seconds while you lie on your back and hold your breath.

How to Prepare for a Heart Score Test

Schedule a Heart Score Test

You may schedule your Heart Score test at Rochelle Community Hospital by calling 815-562-2181, ext. 1350. We must have your doctor’s order on file before your Heart Score test may be scheduled.