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About Us

About Us

It's been over 40 years since our hospital was "born," and Rochelle Community Hospital continues to thrive and grow.

The True Owners

The hardworking, devoted, loyal people of this community are the true owners of the hospital. When the need existed, it was individuals who came to the rescue. That's why we believe in providing the most advanced technology on a personal level... individual attention for the people who help ensure our community hospital continues.

All It Takes...

For an annual association membership of $25 or more, individuals in the community can become owners. Rochelle Community Hospital is still not subsidized by tax dollars. In fact, our Auxiliary is the "right arm" of the association and hospital. These dedicated men and women volunteer thousands of hours and work in both seen and unseen capacities, helping to improve our hospital and make patient care more personal and pleasant. We would be greatly diminished if it were not for the tireless efforts of the Hospital Auxiliary.

Rochelle Community Hospital began with individual support and continues that way as indicated in Our History. Even now, the hospital continues to be a cooperative community project for the common good of everyone. It is one of the five largest employers in the city, presently employing about 200 people. This hospital truly belongs to the people of this community.