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Report Card

Report Card

Empowering Our Community for Better Healthcare

Today's consumers are becoming more health-savvy than ever before. And that's as it should be. . . the more informed and active you are in your healthcare, the better your results. After all, you're the only expert on you.

Currently, state and national initiatives enable consumers to learn even more about their hospitals and healthcare organizations. At Rochelle Community Hospital, we're excited about sharing information with you to aid you in making decisions for better healthcare.

The Public Health Department of the State of Illinois has implemented a process by which hospitals report to them on nurse staffing and surgical infection patterns. These requirements are part of the Administrative Code of Illinois under Title 77 - Public Health Part 255-otherwise known as the "Hospital Report Card Act."

Even prior to the implementation of public reporting, Rochelle Community Hospital has been actively involved in the process. Information on preventative measures that are undertaken for surgical patients has been voluntarily submitted to Joint Commission* and CME (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid) for a long time. Our nurse staffing patterns are recorded daily using a computerized acuity system providing our patients with clinically safe nurse/patient ratios.

Rochelle Community Hospital recognizes the value in making that information available to you. We're proud to be a vital community asset by delivering healthcare at a higher level and taking care of our community's healthcare needs every day.

The Administrative team at
Rochelle Community Hospital

* Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organization

In an effort to ensure patient safety and public trust, anyone can inquire about our staffing levels and staff competence by calling 815-561-3102 to make an appointment with the Chief Nursing Officer. All questions will be answered in accordance with the 2007 Illinois Hospital Report Card Act.