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Jennifer Lichamer Named July High Performer

Congratulations to Jennifer Lichamer who is the High Performer for July! Jennifer is our Laboratory Manager and has been employed at RCH for one year.

"When Jennifer began her role as our Laboratory Manager we were struggling with staffing shortages. She worked hard to fill the open positions and filled in on the bench days, evenings and nights. Even though she had her ‘hand in many pies’ she was still actively engaged in finding new ways to improve the profitability and performance of the lab. She has been actively working on turnaround times to see where we can improve to help Emergency and Medical/Surgical to improve wait times and patient care. All of this in addition to the many meetings required with the various departments.

In her tireless example of ‘getting the job done’, Jenn is also a very positive and supportive manager. No matter how busy she is, she is always willing to meet with the staff to hear their ideas and help solve problems. I often overhear her giving a compliment for a job well done. She has handed out thank you cards to people when they have gone above and beyond and she is always pleasant and cheerful. She's hard working, effective, and super happy. I've rarely seen so many desirable qualities all rolled into one person. We are so thankful she is part of our team."



Janet Stewart

RCH Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator