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Sandra Curatola Named High Performer for January 2017

Congratulations to Sandra Curatola, BSN, RN who has been named our first High Performer for the year 2017. Sandra has been employed in our Surgery Department for four years.

“Since I’ve known Sandy she has always tried to do her best in whatever she does. Her attitude towards her job exemplifies what a high performer should look like. When working with the doctors she always tries to make sure they have what they need and she tries to get it if they don't. Sandy is a team player and is always there for her team. You can always count on Sandy for anything. She never complains if she has to do anything that is asked of her and she does it with a smile and a desire to truly help out. This to me shows you her heart.

Sandy always puts the patient first. Sandy's top priority is her patient and the care and attention that she gives them all. There is never ever a reason to question why Sandy does her job, it is simply that she cares and loves what she does. I have seen first-hand the character and commitment Sandy offers every time she comes to work. It is an honor and a great pleasure to work with someone as committed as she is. Thank you Sandy for showing us what a true High Performer looks like.”


Janet Stewart

RCH Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator