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RCH Creates Gallery with Local Art

The hallways at Rochelle Community Hospital now showcase a gallery of local photography.  Fifty pictures were submitted by 16 local artists and then framed and hung throughout the first floor. The project was spearheaded by the hospital’s communication team. The artists include:

·         Michael Chunko

·         Roger Kyler - Kyler Photography

·         Ashley D. Miller – Ashley D. Miller Photography

·         Angie Adams – Angie Adams Photography

·         Danny Williams – Lifeworks Photography

·         Corey McLaughlin – RCH Communications Team

·         Megan Williams – RTHS alum

·         Aimee Steichen – RTHS student

·         Ashlynn Lawrence – RTHS student

·         Calli Isley – RTHS student

·         Krissi Mark – RTHS student

·         Lexi Brown – RTHS student

·         Viri Reyes – RTHS student

·         Erin Esgar – RTHS alum

·         Becca Miller – RTHS alum

·         Ally Fenwick – RTHS alum

Patient, visitors and employees alike have commented on how much they enjoy the photography and the variation of the gallery which include landscapes from far and near, agriculture and nature.

The photographers include amateurs and area professionals. A majority of the artists featured are either recent graduates or current students at Rochelle Township High School. They all share the fact that their interest in photography was encouraged by Beth Mock at RTHS who teaches a photography class. The class was introduced around 2000 at the old high school. Ms. Mock passes along her passion for photos to her students and personally enjoys capturing landscapes and nature shots.

Some of the artists shared how they got involved in photography:

Michael Chunko said he had a camera in hand at the age of 8 when asked to take a family photo. Taking pictures has been his passion since 2000.

Roger Kyler of Kyler Photography got involved with photography when he wanted to make a change in his occupation. He loves to travel and enjoys making a living from photography while traveling.

Ashley D. Miller of Ashley D. Miller Photography is looking to start a studio. She has always been artistic and wants to broaden her focus.

Angie Adams of Angie Adams Photography has a business located at 306 Lincoln Highway. Photography is a passion that was influenced by her grandfather.

Of the high school students, for some photography is a hobby but others look at the possibility of a career in the future.

The artists and their spouse or parents were honored at a breakfast at RCH on January 14 to thank them for their willingness to share their talents throughout the hospital for the community to see. Following the breakfast they toured the hallways to locate their pieces of art and visit with the other contributors. To view the artwork, click here.



Janet Stewart

RCH Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator