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Audrey Brink Named High Performer for November

Congratulations to Audrey Brink who was named the High Performer for the month of November. Audrey works in our Multi-Specialty Center.

"On November 1st, Audrey Brink marks her 62nd anniversary as an employee at Rochelle Community Hospital.  Through the years, Audrey has worked in nearly every department of the hospital, including what was probably her favorite for many years: Obstetrics. She currently works part-time in our Multi-Specialty Center.  On the days she works it’s a familiar sight to see her assisting patients throughout the building as she helps them reach their destination with a bright smile and laugh as she visits with them.  There is no question that Audrey’s first priority is the patient and she does whatever she needs to make sure their visit is a pleasant one.  She really cares about the hospital and values the friendships she has made here through the years with patients, physicians and coworkers alike.  I’ve seen her do everything from water plants, dust, get a drink for a physician or staff member and make sure they get lunch, bring in seasonal decorations to enhance the department, make afghans for employees having babies, and assist her coworkers in whatever way she can.  Audrey is one of those model employees every employer is looking for—she is loyal, courteous, respectful, timely, and a hard worker, every day.  Thank you, Audrey, we are so blessed to have you as an employee of Rochelle Community Hospital. You are definitely a high performer!"


Janet Stewart

RCH Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator