Press Releases

Lesa Kelly Named February High Performer

Congratulations to Lesa Kelly who was named the High Performer for the month of February! Lesa is our Housekeeping Coordinator and has been employed at RCH for seven years.

"Lesa is professional, knowledgeable, and competent in her job. She is committed to teamwork and works hands on day after day in the department. Lesa has excellent work ethics, a positive attitude, and is a role model to all of the housekeepers. Lesa took ownership of the housekeeping department on her very first day (March 31st) and the Dare to Soar pillars. Lesa has made many positive changes to the housekeeping department. She listens to us, asks for our input, and treats us with respect. We really enjoy working with her and feel very blessed to have her leading our department.”


Janet Stewart

RCH Marketing/Public Relations Coordinator