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Joy Miller Named December High Performer

Joy Miller has been selected as the High Performer for the month of December.  Joy is the Radiology Manager and has been employed at RCH for 12 years.  Her nomination reads, "This week every meeting I went to, there was something positive being said about Joy.  From all of the cancer fundraising, positives from her staff and department, our CEO not having to get pink hair, movie on the lawn event, and most important when one of our coworkers was nervous about having an MRI, Joy told her she would sit in there with her during the procedure.  This was a great comfort to the coworker.  They even shared a funny experience during the procedure.  Joy has really stepped up to the Manager role and you can see it by her employee satisfaction scores, her patient satisfaction scores and the way her staff interact with each other, co-workers and patients.”

Janet Stewart

Marketing/Public Relations Coordinator