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Bridgette Woodall, RN, Named February's High Performer

Bridgette Woodall, RN, of Medical/Surgical at Rochelle Community Hospital was recently named High Performer of the month for February. Woodall has been at RCH for about 3-1/2 years. Her nomination read: "I had the opportunity to witness our nursing care firsthand a few months ago when my mother had serious surgery at RCH. Following Mom’s surgery, Bridgette was her nurse. She stands out in my mind especially as she was so very kind, compassionate and caring. She did everything she possibly could to make sure my mother was comfortable, including following through with medication for nausea and making her patient feel as though she had all the time in the world to care for her. I have also witnessed Bridgette assisting another department by bringing them some supplies when their staff couldn’t get away. She definitely shows “personal attention” to our patients and her coworkers. Thank you, Bridgette, for being a nurse at Rochelle Community Hospital.  We are fortunate to have you."

Janet Stewart

Marketing/Public Relations Coordinator