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Linda Kulesa is Named High Performer for the Month of June

Congratulations to Linda Kulesa who was named our High Performer for the month of June! Linda is the RN Internal Auditor in Health Information Management and has been employed at RCH for two years.

"Linda has brought much experience and expertise to our team. Her efforts have helped improve documentation in the record, assured compliant billing and have increased reimbursements. She plans her personal schedule around what is best for the department that week based on workload. She’s always willing to learn or try something new or to help anyone out.

Linda performed corporate compliance audits this month alleviating that task from the managers. Many of the improvements she has made lend themselves to increased efficiency in billing which improves the turnaround time from services rendered to being properly paid. We are lucky to have someone with this level of professionalism working with us. She makes us all better on the revenue cycle team. “


Janet Stewart

RCH Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator