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Tyanne Kennedy-Etes is High Performer for February

Congratulations to Tyanne Kennedy-Etes who has been named the High Performer for the month of February. Tyanne is the Manager of Emergency Services and has been employed at RCH for 11 years.

“Tyanne became a Manager in December of  2015.  Since that time, she hit the ground running and hasn’t stopped.  Whenever she saw an opportunity in her department, she tackled it head on.  Most recently, when she saw an issue with physician scores in the Emergency Department, she met with EMCARE physicians to figure out what they could do to improve patient satisfaction.  She was the first manager to volunteer to be on the new Leadership Development Institute Team and did so without hesitation.  She always works to fix the problem without trying to point fingers or place blame.  She worked very hard to get her department fully staffed and watches carefully that it is not overstaffed.  She speaks up in meetings and offers excellent insight into patient care in the Emergency Department and beyond.  She is a great manager and an asset to RCH.”


Janet Stewart

RCH Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator