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Rochelle Community Hospital Welcomes Midwest Orthopaedic Institute!

Rochelle Community Hospital (RCH) has announced they have entered into a collaborative agreement with Midwest Orthopaedic Institute (MOI) of Sycamore to provide a full range of orthopaedic services in Rochelle that are similar to what's currently offered at MOI's Sycamore facility.

"This new agreement offers significant benefits for patients needing complete orthopaedic care right here in our community," said Mark J. Batty, RCH Chief Executive Officer.

A variety of specialists from MOI have already begun seeing patients five days a week in the RCH Multi-Specialty Center. In addition, several MOI orthopaedic surgeons have been operating in Rochelle performing knee and hip replacements, foot surgery and arthroscopic surgery.

"We are very pleased to bring our full MOI orthopaedic services including expanded physical therapy and a future onsite MRI while collaborating with Rochelle Community Hospital and the Medical Staff. We look forward to providing excellent care to patients in the local area," says Thomas Gearhart, Chief Executive Officer of Midwest Orthopaedic Institute.

The next phase of this agreement involves the renovation of the current Rehabilitation Services (physical therapy) Department. This past Monday a portable building was placed in the parking lot just outside of the existing department on the North side of the hospital where all rehabilitation treatment will be located temporarily.  The current rehab department will begin a complete renovation this month which will include an open treatment area with a couple private rooms. The renovation is expected to last three months.

To schedule an appointment with MOI in the Multi-Specialty Center, call 815-758-0000.

Janet Stewart

Marketing/Public Relations Coordinator