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Jewel Challand Named High Performer for November

Congratulations to Jewel Challand, RN, who has been named our High Performer for the month of November! Jewel works on our Medical/Surgical floor and has been an employee of RCH for six years.

“Jewel should be the High Performer of the Month for her commitment to RCH and her coworkers, her positive attitude, her professionalism, and the excellent care that she delivers to her patients.  Jewel is always willing to help her coworkers throughout her shift and often times comes in and helps out when she is not scheduled.  Whether it’s day shift or night shift, Jewel is always willing to come in and help her co-workers. She is flexible in her daily routine and has been pulled to Emergency or Infusion Services and she does it all with a smile on her face.  Jewel is a real team player.  She always has a positive attitude no matter the situation and speaks very positively of RCH and her co-workers. Jewel takes great pride and ownership in the care that she delivers to her patients whether she is working on Med/Surgical, in Emergency, or in the Infusion Room.  She strives to ensure that each patient has everything they need, is kept informed, and everything is accurate in the Electronic Medical Record.  Jewel is always willing and eager to learn something new. Jewel’s outstanding performance is not only recognized by management but by her co-workers, providers, and her patients.  Jewel is a true asset to our team and we are lucky to have her.”


Janet Stewart

RCH Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator