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Bridget Meier Named High Performer for the Month of July

Congratulations to Bridget Meier, RN, who has been recognized as the High Performer for the month of July. Bridget works on our Medical/Surgical floor and has been employed at RCH for three years.

Her nomination reads, "“Bridget is consistently recognized by patients and their families for her customer service, care and compassion. One family from New York wrote a letter about their positive experience at RCH which was driven by Bridget, and this family’s patient was terminally ill. The letter gave great detail about the care she gave and how much it meant to their family.  This is just one of the many times Bridget has been recognized by her patients for the excellent care that she gives.  Bridget is very professional in her dealings with all those she comes into contact with, and always has the best interest of her patient in mind while balancing this with what is good for RCH. Recently she attended a Critical Care conference and brought back many supplies and educational information that will benefit not only her but the rest of the team.  She also enrolled on her own in a program through Kishwaukee College to become a CNA instructor.  Whenever I am on the patient floor, Bridget is always on the computer looking at the patient’s chart or on her way to or from a patient’s room. Bridget is a great ambassador for RCH and it would serve RCH well to have many more like her.”  



Janet Stewart

RCH Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator