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Press Releases

High Performer for July is Warren Judge

     Congratulations to Warren Judge who was named the High Performer for the month of July.  Warren is a Surgical Technician and has been employed at RCH for eight years.

“I would like to nominate Warren Judge for the High Performer of the Month for his commitment to RCH and the effort he puts in to working with surgeons doing procedures at RCH.  Warren has taken on a leadership role in working with the surgeons and it shows. Often times surgeons will comment on the good work and calming influence Warren has in their cases. He has also taken ownership of the instrument cleaning and sterilization process in surgery which is an area of extreme importance that often flies under the radar to those outside of the operating room. 

     Warren also recently took the initiative to develop a new Northwest Illinois Chapter for the Central Service Material Management Association, which is an international association of Central Service Professionals. With Warren as the first President of this new Chapter this will bring valuable recognition to RCH. Warren was recognized as a new Chapter President at the association’s annual meeting in May, when this new Chapter was approved. Warren is a valuable contributor to RCH in his role in the surgery area and now he has taken the initiative to implement best practices to enhance our quality and service.”


Janet Stewart

RCH Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator