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January High Performer is Rhonda Marks, BSN, RN

Congratulations to Rhonda Marks, BSN, RN who was named the High Performer for the first month of 2015. Rhonda is the Manager of Surgical Services and has been employed at RCH for 16 years.

Her nomination reads, “I would like to recommend Rhonda Marks for the High Performer of the Month for all of the work she does keeping the surgeons and anesthesiologists satisfied and on task. Our relationship with MOI and all their different doctors is new and getting to know them and their preferences is very challenging. Rhonda has worked hard on making this working relationship positive. With the number of surgical cases that are added late or not planned, Rhonda does a great job getting the right number of staff on each case and making sure the rooms are ready. Many times Rhonda also has to work with surgical supply vendors that are on site to assist in the surgical procedure. She makes sure these instances work well and are done timely. Rhonda has also had some staff turnover that she has handled and was fortunate enough to get staff in place without missing a beat. Rhonda handles a lot of difficult situations very well and these go relatively unnoticed by most of the organization.”

Janet Stewart

RCH Marketing/Public Relations Coordinator