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Nurse Wins Vital Signs Monitor for Rochelle Community Hospital

Rochelle Community Hospital is the recipient of a new contact free WelchAllyn vital signs monitor thanks to Linette Feltes, B.S.N., R.N., who won the monitor through a contest after viewing a webinar offered by WelchAllyn which was promoting a new sensor feature.

    “I’m so glad I took the time to view the webinar. Our patients and staff will certainly benefit from the use of this new monitor,” said Feltes.

     The monitor provides accurate, automatic spot-check vitals and continuous monitoring from the bedside for improved patient safety and clinical decisions.  It is wireless, mobile, with easy-to-use features including a touch screen display.

     Patient vital signs, including blood pressure, temperature, oxygen and heart rates have the ability to be recorded within one minute. Blood pressure, for example, can be recorded in as little as 15 seconds and the reading is taken during inflation versus deflation of the cuff which uses less pressure on the patient’s arm.

     “Our medical/surgical staff is excited to begin using this new technology for daily rounding,” said Crystal Vondergathen, Manager of Inpatient Services. 

Pictured left to right:  Scott Parkman of WelchAllyn, Jennifer Montgomery, Chief Nursing Officer; Crystal Vondergathen, R.N., Manager of Inpatient Services and Linette Feltes, B.S.N., R.N., Medical Credentialing.


Janet Stewart

Marketing/Public Relations Coordinator