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Press Releases

Thelma Geske is Recognized as the High Performer for September

Thelma Geske is our High Performer for the month of September!  Thelma has been a housekeeper at RCH for 6 years.

“Thelma is the most ‘willing to do whatever is needed’ staff member. I think she deserves the honor of high performer. She cares how the hospital looks and treats it like her home. If something is broken or just out of place, she’ll fix it or suggest a work order. She will spend extra time to make sure an area is as clean as it can be. She is the kind of person that can raise your spirits by just spending a few minutes around her. She is always smiling and laughing and looking for the positive in any situation. She has never hesitated to volunteer or do an extra job when asked and spreads her positive energy around at the same time.”


Janet Stewart

Marketing/Public Relations Coordinator