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Kay Pierce is Named July High Performer

Congratulations to Kay Pierce who has been named the High Performer for July! Kay is a Staff Account for Financial Services. She has been employed at RCH for 11 months.

“Kay has been with RCH since last August.  Kay exemplifies our Standards of Behavior and what we are looking at in an employee. Kay has taken on additional tasks in her job and is always looking for additional duties and responsibilities in her role. If she is asked to do a task, she accomplishes the task quickly and accurately and never complains. Kay has volunteered on different committees in our organization and is always willing to contribute her opinion and expertise towards the better of the organization. Kay’s attitude and dedication is seen by every employee and guest that she meets with during the day.  For all that Kay does, I nominate Kay Pierce for High Performer of the Month.”



Janet Stewart

RCH Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator