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Kathy Poliska is Named High Performer for June

Congratulations to Kathy Poliska, LPN who is our High Performer for June! Kathy works in the Family Healthcare Clinic and has been employed at RCH for 16 years.

Two nominations:

“Kathy has been a nurse here for 16 years. She is what I would call Dr. Popp’s sidekick. She checks their schedule daily to make sure all patients have what they need before their appointment. She has to call many patients in a day to let them know their results, med refills, and if they need an appointment.  She has daily patient walk-ins for blood pressure checks, injections, and to discuss meds along with their scheduled patients.  She orders all supplies Dr. Popp may need and keeps her patient rooms organized. She will help out anywhere that is needed even covering the front desk when they have meetings.  She also steps out of her role as a nurse to help the whole office by washing dishes, cleaning the fridge, and unclogging our Keurig.

Kathy likes to keep us all in check, but also makes us laugh every day. Dr. Popp would be lost without Kathy and Rochelle Community Hospital is lucky to employ such a great nurse.”

“Kathy is a very dependable co-worker.  She has been my unofficial mentor through my recent employment at Family Healthcare Clinic.  She has helped teach me and guide me through new challenges I have faced over the past several months.  Kathy has a great sense of humor and keeps a positive environment.  Hats off to Kathy and the numerous years of dedicated employment she has provided at RCH.”



Janet Stewart

RCH Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator