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Debra Lawrence Named April High Performer

Congratulations to Debra Lawrence who has been named our High Performer for April. Debra is the Manager of Environmental Services and has been employed at RCH for one year.

Two nominations:

“I would like to nominate my Supervisor, Deb Lawrence.  She takes excellent care of her department, recently getting our department name changed to more accurately reflect what we do.  She is always very positive and upbeat – always smiling.  She is an excellent communicator.  She is always very sweet, never angry.  She encourages us to be a team and to work together as a team, to help each other when needed.  She wants to keep us here for the good of the Hospital.  She respects us and treats everyone equally.  She works very hard, always pitching in to help clean when we need her.  She takes away our stressors so that we can concentrate on our work.  I am very happy that she is our Supervisor.  Deb should be Employee of the Month.”

“I would like to nominate Deb Lawrence for the High Performer of the Month. Deb dove right into her role as Environmental Services Supervisor, leading by example both in her work, her behavior and her personality. She is friendly with her staff while keeping them on task. You will see Deb filling in for her staff when necessary or working alongside of them. She wants to make RCH the best it can be and is willing to work with other departments to make this happen. Deb takes the big picture into account being equally concerned about patient care, the department budget and the cleanliness of the facility. She has not only brought a breath of fresh air to the Environmental Services Department, but to RCH as a whole. Deb is very personable and is positive in all her interactions. She takes the time to speak with everyone she encounters. Deb is a team-builder planning pot luck lunches to get people from different areas together. She has helped increase exposure of the Environmental Services Staff and how they are perceived. Deb is the one that recommended the department name change to Environmental Services to include all duties the department provides.”



Janet Stewart

RCH Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator