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Laura Cirone Named August High Performer

Congratulations to Laura Cirone, Human Resources Manager, who has been named High Performer for August. Laura has been employed at RCH for three years.

“During the transition to a new Payroll Administrator, Laura performed the tasks of that role at the same time she was maintaining her duties of recruiting, benefit administration, and overall employee relations for all staff. Laura had to work extensively with our payroll provider to learn and implement all the pay codes, special pay requirements and work with department managers to resolve any pay period questions or disputes. Most importantly, however, was the fact that once Laura and her Peer Interviewing team presented an offer to the Payroll candidate, Laura worked with the selected candidate and her current employer to allow her to work every other week at RCH and her current employer to meet a transition incentive that was very important to the candidate. By allowing this, it fell on Laura to perform the payroll functions for weeks longer than she otherwise would have. Laura did this knowing she would be performing payroll functions of which she is not comfortable or highly confident in, while reducing the time she could devote to her Human Resources Manager position. Additionally, the action taken by Laura was very beneficial for RCH’s new hire, which made a very positive impact on her and in her belief and perception of RCH. In summary, Laura’s actions presented her with a difficult time for the benefit of others. This was an example of great teamwork and customer service.”


Janet Stewart

RCH Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator




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