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Donna Trout Named September High Performer

Congratulations to Donna Trout, RN, who has been named the High Performer for September. Donna is a Clinical Application Analyst in Information Services and has been employed at RCH for 23 years.

Her nominations reads, "“Much of what Donna brings to RCH is “behind the scenes”. Donna’s work on the electronic medical record is extensive, including working with Meditech to investigate problems and recommend fixes, being on the receiving end of concerns from providers on things missing in the record or items “just not showing up”, training new users and more specifically physicians on Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE). Donna is also readily available as a House Supervisor whenever needed and will often show up at the hospital at some of the most inconsistent times “because that’s when she is needed”. Donna contributes to RCH in other ways outside of her primary responsibilities. She is active on the Employer of Choice Team and will jump in to help on other projects on a moments notice. Donna has been employed at RCH for over 20 years, but her enthusiasm makes you think she just joined the organization and wants to make a positive impression.”


Janet Stewart

RCH Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator




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