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Survey Results Rate Quality of Services at Rochelle Community Hospital as Excellent

ROCHELLE, IL—June 28, 2016--Rochelle Community Hospital invited area residents to participate in a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) process administered by the National Rural Health Resource Center in Duluth, Minnesota last fall. This process included the development and distribution of a stratified, randomly sample mailed survey, focus groups and secondary data analysis. These methods enabled RCH the opportunity to listen and respond to the health needs of the community.  

As part of the Affordable Care Act, hospitals are required to conduct a CHNA every three years taking into account input received from a variety of those representing the broad interests of the community served by the hospital, which includes those with special knowledge or expertise in public health. Hospitals must identify significant health needs of their community, prioritize those needs and identify potential resources available to address the needs.

Some points of interest identified from overall survey results included:

·         Overall quality of services was rated as “excellent”.

·         The community was rated as “healthy” by 35% of the respondents.

·         20% of Ogle county residents have poor dental health

·         15% of the Medicare population in Ogle county suffers with depression; 2% higher than surrounding areas.

·         The suicide mortality rate and motor vehicle fatalities in Ogle county are higher than other counties, the State and nation.

·         Focus group participants recommended improving health equities with the Hispanic population.

·         “Building awareness of health issues so we can all work together” was also requested.

Results of the assessment finding are being used to create an action plan for the purposes of:

·         Improving overall community health

·         Promoting collaboration and partnerships in the area to address top community health needs

·         Improving communication across health sectors

·         Creating awareness of the comprehensive, high quality health care services available locally

·         Reinforcing a commitment to the people of Rochelle and the surrounding area that their health is the hospital’s top priority.

Rochelle Community Hospital officials have met with area partners to discuss the findings of the survey and identify possible strategies to address the health needs and services identified.

The complete results of the Community Health Needs Assessment can be found at



Janet Stewart

RCH Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator




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